We're Getting Accurate! - PVBid

Exciting news! We finally have accurate dollar amounts!!! I know this doesn’t sound all that exciting but it’s a culmination of all the moving parts we developed so far. And there are a lot of moving parts. For demo day we successfully put together a version that spit out numbers and was close representation but today marks the day where the numbers are correct, the accuracy of the bid is represented, and no matter how much or little information you enter a number is calculated!

That’s right! PVBid now allows you to enter just one bit of information and it will spit out a number with a confidence percentage attached!

When I saw this I called Mike. He had been working very hard to meet this milestone by today and I called with a serious face and pretended to be both frustrated and seeing some serious problems but then erupted with joy. This is such an exciting moment for both of us.

Keep your eye out for our formal entry into the market near the end of the year!