About - PVBid
PVBid analyzes a company’s past projects and trends to precisely generate a system’s estimated cost. Starting with minimal necessary information, PVBid improves workflow and speed. As additional information is included, bids become more refined.

PVBid helps companies improve their bottom line by providing real-time insight into operations and costs, streamlining their workflow, and reducing unnecessary administrative hours.

PVBid takes estimating to a whole new level.

PVBid analyzes a solar company’s past projects and current trends to generate a system’s estimated cost and it’s associated accuracy. Whether you want to spend 5 minutes to get a ballpark estimate, or invest the resources to nail down every detail – PVBid does it. PVBid takes estimating to a whole new level.

Emphasizing speed and feedback, PVBid allows PV integrators real-time insight into operations and costs. It works top-down or bottom-up, starting with inputting the minimum necessary information and the more data you include in your bid the more accurate and precise it will be.  It works top-down, learning from a company’s past projects to give a quick system price with minimal input; or the bottom-up, allowing for detailed data adjustments to improve accuracy and precision.

PVBid enables the solar integrator to quickly generate pricing with minimal information. The pricing accuracy improves with additional information. Automated features generate custom proposal documents within minutes.

Systematically develop projected costs. PVBid automatically draws upon past projects to guide pricing. Easily update with a supplier’s current pricing. Interface with your company’s accounting software to reduce workload.

Start at the big picture or drill down to the smallest component. Naturally adjust bids at any level and the changes will disseminate throughout. The clean interface shows only relevant information for a project.