Helioscope and PVBid: The Design, the Wizard, and Predictive Pricing - PVBid

What’s new?

PVBid has joined our Predictive Pricing engine with the power of HelioScope, the industry’s best design & sales software.

Cool! What does that mean?

Fast, tailored, and accurate pricing.  An indicative project can be created in under a minute. Use your HelioScope account to design the system and quickly get pricing, iterating as much as you want.  We’ve combined two tools that are easy for the sales team and rigorous enough for the engineering and estimating teams.

HelioScope Integration Example

Choosing the HelioScope Design

Where does HelioScope fit in?

We’ve created a seamless integration with HelioScope, extracting the wealth of information that is available due to the physical design of the system.  HelioScope quickly captures the module, inverter, and wire information about a site based on the physical layout. We take that information and use it to quickly inform the pricing.  PVBid’s Wizard talks with HelioScope and determines what assemblies should be included. Then HelioScope fills in the details for the modules, the inverters, and the wire. PVBid’s predictive pricing picks up from there, filling in the gaps that may be present such as conduit, labor, and any BOS that is required.

So, you’re saying fast pricing! But can I really dial the price?

You bet.  We do that through capturing design logic in the Wizard, it inserts all the moving pieces within a bid.  Then Predictive Pricing fills in the gaps. Your pricing is generated and then descriptive language captures the assumptions made.  All within a minute. After working with the customer, PVBid allows you to iterate and adapt the pricing to specific information you captured about the site.  Dial in exact staging requirements, for instance. Labor scales with the project too.

Imputing additional information after the HelioScope design has been selected

What is the experience?

Within PVBid, you simply create a new estimate.  You are guided through a series of questions by PVBid’s Wizard, each building on the previous question.  Anytime along the way, you can click on the “HelioScope” button, find the site, and then choose the design you want to use.  That’s it!  Any questions you don’t answer in the Wizard will be covered by PVBid’s Predictive Pricing engine.  Each estimate remembers the HelioScope design and if it changes, you can simply click the “update” button.  PVBid will walk you through any changes to make sure you know what is different. It’s that simple. Now you have value engineering at your fingertips.

Instructions to integrate with HelioScope

Amazing! How do I set up my integration?

If you have a PVBid account and a HelioScope account, you can simply contact your PVBid admin. In the PVBid Integrations section there is a guide for connecting to HelioScope. Basically, your admin will get an authentication key from HelioScope and associate it with your account. Easy. Don’t already have a HelioScope account? Signup here

Last question: Won’t my company’s numbers be the same as everyone else?

No. That is the beauty of PVBid. Your account learns from you. PVBid customizes your account to your specific costs, overhead, margins, and labor hours as well as sets it up to tie into your accounting system. The numbers dial-in as the predictive pricing engine learns and as your estimator or admin adapts the system for you. Every company’s account is siloed meaning your company’s information and numbers are only available within your account.

Let’s get you started!

PVBid is ready to onboard you. We will work with you to configure the account to match your needs so you can hit the ground running. Give us a shout at hello@pvbid.com or head over to our website: www.pvbid.com