PVBid is on the move! - PVBid

Happy New year!

As 2015 ends, PVBid beta is taking off! Several companies are now subscribing and they are finding our app is everything we promised. Our agile development approach allows the PVBid team to quickly implement changes and re-prioritize features based on our beta users’ feedback. These are definitely exciting times! If you are interested in becoming a beta testing company, please reach out to Connor at connor@pvbid.com. Now that we are in 2016 you will be able to become a beta customer through the main website.

Connor is also on the move. He has begun moving around the country to meet up with some of our newest beta customers. He has already stopped in Washington, Montana and Massachusetts. Connor’s adventures will be set down in this blog as time goes on too.

We are coming your way this spring! If you want to be part of the tour or an in-person demo, send me an email at connor@pvbid.com!