Memoirs from Intersolar, and Your Chance to Win! - PVBid

It’s no surprise that we’re excited to be in beta mode for our new software. PVBid will revolutionize the way that people in the solar industry place bids and track expenses. A little more than a week ago we were at the Intersolar convention in San Francisco and active players in the solar industry are just as excited as are we!  I met face to face with some great folks in the industry and I even demonstrated the tool to rave review.  All the while Mike doggedly worked in the background making changes and testing suggestions folks made during those demonstrations.

The good news: we’re basically done building the product. Over the next couple of months, PVBid will be in beta testing with a small group of solar installation companies we selected across the country to make sure it is robust.  Eventually we will be expanding that list and opening it to all.

Intersolar was a blast!  I spent my first day representing Sun Light & Power meeting with vendors and partners.  Right off the bat, oblivious to the time (later determined to be 9:57 AM), I tried to storm the gates to the third floor exhibit hall and was held off by very grumpy looking security guards. Later that night was CalSEIA’s Solar Summerfest.  Quite an event this year!  They estimate around 2,500 people were at the event and most of them were on the deck.  It was packed out there.

During Summerfest I kept alternating hats between SLP and PVBid.  I made some great connections there that will help PVBid moving forward.  Out of it came two interested companies and two potential partners.  These particular partners would be great compliments to PVBid and I’m excited about the prospects.

Wednesday was more of a PVBid day at Intersolar.  I met with several interested parties.  To date, almost every EPC that I have approached has been very excited about the possibility of PVBid and they want to be onboarded as soon as possible.  As we move through our beta testing, we will be onboarding more companies.  Some demos of PVBid led to great feedback.  For instance, we are working on (maybe completing today) the ability for an estimator to share a link for details of a specific bid.  The page outlines the expected hours for each task.  This means you can link your bids to your field crew and they will have a clear picture of time allotments.

Are you in the solar industry?

We want to hear from you, and you’ll get a chance for one of 4 Amazon gift cards and a complimentary three month Premier subscription (once we move out of beta testing and into our market release). As a thank you, your name will automatically be entered in the drawing.  Now YOU have the opportunity to help us tailor the software to your needs as a solar professional. We want your honest, no-holds-barred input on what you want out of this software.


Additionally, we’ll enter your name in the sweepstakes once for every time someone you refer takes the survey. Simply CC to let us know when you refer someone and we’ll add your name into the sweepstakes again. We’d love for everyone in the solar industry to answer this market survey – the more responses we can get, the more we can pinpoint the features that the industry (you!) want.  We appreciate your candid responses, and will, of course, keep all details of your survey private.

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