What You Missed at Intersolar 2016 - PVBid

Intersolar 2016 LogoIt is now a week and a half past Intersolar 2016 North America and I’m finally catching up!  What a show! We had a table in part of the Powerhouse Pavilion thanks to Powerhouse.  More about that in a second. We also hit Solar Summer Fest, the Solar Battle of the Bands, attended Solar Energy International’s 25th Birthday, the Powerhouse Circle, and got to know the companies at Powerhouse.  What a whirlwind!

Powerhouse spanned a whole block in Intersolar 2016.  Several startup companies had booths – folks like PVComplete, UtilityAPI, Pick My Solar, SolarNexus, and many more. What a sight seeing all these great startups in one place!  And it was fun to say things like “See this big black carpet, every company on this carpet is part of the Powerhouse Pavilion.  PVBid shared a booth with three other companies: Photon (which is in our cohort and working to add shade analysis capabilities to your phone), Sunswarm (think community solar), and Sunfi (think smart solar financing).  Everyone worked together to make sure we made optimal use of the booth and WOW did we have a lot of interested companies come through!  We walked away with a lot of companies moving into PVBid’s free trial period.  We also had a chance to solidify a few details of some partnerships we are working on.

I’m very excited to be part of the SEI family too.  They had their 25th birthday party this year at the Solar Battle of the Bands venue.  Johann led everyone in a birthday song from stage before the battles began.  The cake was pretty good too!

Our new CTO, Sean, attended all of this.  I think we did well for his first convention-level introduction to the solar community.  He made some good friends and had some great conversations with our customers.  The ideas and features he gleaned from this event are exciting.  We are working on adjusting our road map to bring powerful new features that you, our customers, have requested. All in all, Intersolar 2016 was a huge success!

Up Next

Up next, Solar Power International in Las Vegas.  Come out and see us at Startup Alley this year.  It is hosted by the SunShot Catalyst program, of which we are an alumn.  These are exciting times to be in solar and solar estimating in particular!

Also, as part of the Powerhouse Accelerator, we are going to be attending the New Dawn party.  Join us there!  Next week we will pick up where we left off on cost codes, so stay tuned!

Powerhouse’s biggest event of the year – New Dawn – is coming up on Friday August 26th at the New Parish in Oakland. New Dawn is the hottest summer solar party of our industry and it sells out every year. This gathering happens just once a year and it unites solar entrepreneurs, investors, and industry executives who are building a solar powered world one startup at a time. From the delicious cocktails to the incredible food to the outstanding music, New Dawn is the solar place to be. Check out the 2 min video from last year.
Purchase your New Dawn tickets here.