Intersolar 2015 - PVBid

Monday of Intersolar 2015 has arrived!  And with it a functional version of PVBid.  Our beta release has revealed some work flow challenges that needed to be ironed out as well as some fundamental issues.  That’s what beta is for!  We have a select few folks beta testing right now and I’m excited to get the feedback from them.  But while we are working with those beta testers, I’d like to hear from you, too.

Help us make PVBid the best we can.

We have created a new survey for you to help guide the shape of PVBid; help us understand who you are and how you bid.  It should only take you a few minutes since it is built with the PVBid value of minimizing input for a maximum yield.  Also, everyone who has filled out the survey by August 15th will be entered in a sweepstakes for one of (4) $50 Amazon gift cards and a (3) month subscription to the premier PVBid when it is released later this year.  You can start your subscription to PVBid anytime after the release.


Reach out if you want to meet up at Intersolar and talk about PVBid!

Have a great time there!