Announcing the Winners - PVBid

We are pleased to announce the winners of our survey drawing! Congratulations to:

Orion Thornton 

Charly Bray

Lena Wilensky

Pat Ward-Seitz

These four individuals have won a three-month premier subscription to PVBid, after we move out of beta and into our full release. We are targeting November 1, so stay tuned!

We’d like to thank everyone who took the time to respond to our survey. Your honest feedback has already helped shape the way we are designing this product, and we can’t wait to implement more of your great suggestions. We want this to be a tool for YOU, after all.

If you still haven’t taken the survey, we’d still appreciate your input as we develop PVBid to be the best it can be. You can take the Market Survey HERE.

PVBid is a comprehensive tool for solar estimators. It takes the guesswork out of estimating project costs.  This tool analyzes a company’s past projects and current trends to provide a system’s estimated cost and its associated accuracy. Whether you want to spend 5 minutes to get a ballpark estimate, or invest the resources to nail down every detail – PVBid does it.  PVBid takes estimating to a whole new level.